Web Development

kiwicustom GmbH offers wide variety of IT services, and we're specialized in Web Development and Domain ( & Hosting Services.

Webshops (eCommerce)

We build with you together a modern Drupal eCommerce Webshop (or similar) solution in where You will have full ownership of your products and customers.

Your customers will be able to use your Webshop 24/7 and be able to pay with all over 40 modern payment methods secure.

Payment Methods

Over 40 Advanced Payment methods provided by Datatrans Switzerland.

       Advanced Payment Methods by DataTrans

Get in touch and let's built Your Webshop - Now!

KC-WSAA (TM) (C) (R)

Android (Google)

Your new cool WebSite As App (WSAA) - what could be more cool? Let's do it, together!

To test it out, click link below.

      Download Android App

iOS (Apple)

       iOS (Apple) example

IT Support

We also offer old-school IT Support for Windows (Microsoft), MacOS X (Apple), Linux and FreeBSD related OS's (Operating Systems).


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