Why? What? How?


Do you have cool business idea in your mind? We will sit down and fabricate your idea into conceptual phase, together.


Once Your concept is fully documented, we will move on the development phase where we will build the first versions of Your business idea - MVP (Minimum Viable Product). MVP is a concept from Lean Startup , i.e. gathering feedback from early on stages in order out-perform competition. 

Project management

Meanwhile, while working on the development, we have set-up modern Project Management tools such as JIRA, in order to prioritize future tasks and give a glance on current tasks while having chance to backtrack in the past.
In short, AGILE development at its best in order to get things done on a efficient pace, while having base for future documentation of the whole system.


Based on our Market Research results, we will launch Your business idea LIVE!"Why? What? How?".


While our SLA (Service Level Agreement) agreement being in place, Your IT infrastructure will be available for customers all over the world.


Regularly performed audits keeps Your business up and running, while keeping security on a high level.


Basic and advanced training is always good way to keep your staff highly motivated - with new features this is crucial.

Brain storming

Let's sit down, and throw some ideas up in the air and pick best of them, shall we?

Get in touch and let's do it! Scan the QR-Code below for contact details or just type in info(at)kiwicustom.com!