Kiwicustom GmbH offers custom solutions for all kind of parties; from private households to Small, Medium and even Enterprise level of businesses. The company motto is to keep all solutions as simple as possible, kiwicustom - keepITsimple. You as a customer, it is an honor and on-going Mission Possible to offer good service so that You can concentrate on Your daily business.

Samuli Hiltunen (Owner)
Samuli Hiltunen (Owner)

Samuli Hiltunen (Owner)

Origo of kiwicustom GmbH - keepITsimple. I do research and development until I can provide You a solution. I love learning more, and it's the new ideas that give me a boost beyond imagination - it's my driving force. What is Yours? You can contact me via Contact Form (click here) or just give me a call +41 79 757 95 65.

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We are looking forward hearing from You soon. Wir freuen uns, bald von Ihnen zu hören.

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